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Is your home priced under $417,000? If this is the case, then get an FHA Appraisal now.

What Will it Do for You?

Getting an FHA Appraisal will tell you the maximum mortgage amount an FHA lender can provide a prospective buyer. Approximately 50% of all buyers today are using FHA financing and an estimated 33% of homes are failing to close for reasons related to the appraisal amount. Therefore, getting an appraisal upfront before receiving an offer on your home will guarantee you are not part of that 33% of sellers that fail to close post-agreement.

Independent appraisal

Getting an appraisal is the best way to:
• Determine the appropriate asking price for your home.
• Protect yourself from losing money by underpricing your home.
• Protect yourself from overpricing.

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