What Americans Have Spent So Far This Year In Commissions:

There are two options for sellers who want to save money selling their home or keep the option to do so.

Pure 2% Option

For the pure 2% program, you pay 2% commission total and your house gets listed on the most trafficked sites for real estate on the web but (and this is the “fine print”) not the MLS. Unfortunately for Realtors® (and fortunately for you) the MLS is becoming less and less necessary to maximize home exposure. 

You can learn more about buyer and MLS related trends or contact us to better understand this program and your options.

 Flex Option (2% or 6%)

This is our “traditional” seller program. It’s been around for almost 20 years saving sellers thousands while maximizing their flexibility and exposure to buyers.

This program is a great option for a seller seeking both the full benefits of a great Realtor’s services and the opportunity to leave their options open. You only pay 2% total commission when you procure (find) the buyer. This happens more than you think.

This is the value with our flex program – with a typical Realtor® even if you find the buyer, you pay a full commission! You did their job but because you signed an “Exclusive” agreement, you have to pay them full commission anyway. Ick.

So let’s say you don’t find the buyer. Approximately 90% of buyers work with agents, so it’s a strong possibility that your best offer is going to come from someone working with an agent. If your agent brings a buyer willing to pay much more than any buyer you could find, then it’s in your best interest to accept that offer.

Simply put, the flex program is meant to maximize marketing efforts (and your home’s exposure) to best support you in your efforts to sell your home.

No matter what offer you choose, you will still have the opportunity to sell your home and still receive the benefits of your Realtor’s efforts in managing leads to contract negotiating and closing services.

Flex program details

  • If you as the seller procure the buyer who’s offer you decide to accept, you only pay a total 2% commission.
  • If you as the seller decide to accept an offer brought by an agent, you choose to pay a total 6% commission.
  • To pay 2%, you must “procure” the buyer, which simply means the buyer was found through your efforts alone (the legal term is “procuring cause”).
  • We will provide recommendations to help you maximize your chances of finding buyers and saving on the commission.
  • No matter who brings the buyer, any buyer leads you generate, advice you require, contract negotiating and closing services will be managed and followed up on by your agent as part of the program without an additional fee.

The Best of Both Worlds

No matter which program you choose, you’re entitled to save up to 67% and still receive full-service agent support:

  • Lead Management – Your agent will manage and work the leads you generate through do-it-yourself marketing methods and the open houses you host
  • Contract Negotiations – Your agent will present you with all offers, discuss your options, make recommendations, and changes necessary for any counter-offers, as well as review with you contractual details
  • Closing services – Disclosures, counter-offers, and the miscellaneous services are also included in this program

Marketing Services

  • Multiple Listing Services (MLS)
  • Yard Sign
  • Agent’s Company Website
  • Realtor.com
  • Aggregated Listing (Zillow, Trulia, etc.,)

Negotiations and Closing

  • Furnishing contract forms
  • Superior lead management
  • Negotiating offers
  • Writing contract offers
  • Agreement to Closing logistics

Strong Fundamentals

  • Strategic pricing
  • Cost-effective staging
  • Honed contract negotiations
  • Meticulous closing procedures
  • Customized marketing plans

Choose Your Own (Home Exposure) Adventure

You have the right to sell your home however you want. Whether you want to guarantee you only pay 2% and have your home listed on the most trafficked real estate websites, or have your home put in the MLS with the option to find your own buyer and pay as little as 2%, we have you covered.