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What Americans Have Spent So Far This Year In Commissions:

Why Sellers Choose Us

When homeowners decide to sell their home, they have a host of options from hiring a traditional agent to selling their home themselves.

The Best of Both Worlds

2 Percent Commission (2PC) provides sellers the opportunity for complete traditional real estate agent services and support and the option to save up to 67% when they find the buyer. And when you procure the buyer, you still enjoy all of the benefits of your Realtor’s services and expertise from managing your buyer leads and negotiations through to closing. So no matter who procures the buyer you receive full service agent support:
Marketing Services

  • Multiple Listing Services (MLS)
  • Yard Sign
  • Agent’s Company Website

Closing Services

  • Furnishing contract forms
  • Negotiating offers
  • Writing contract offers
  • Agreement to Closing logistics

By redefining the incentive structure for sellers, buyers, and real estate agents, our program helps maximize your property’s exposure, capitalize on your 2PC partner’s services and skills, and still have the opportunity to save up to 67% of the commission.

More Home Exposure

2 Percent Commission Seller Programs are designed so that your home may sell through your own efforts, your listing agent’s efforts, or other buyer agents.
Whether it’s getting foot traffic through open houses or enlisting the support of friends and neighbors, the seller cooperates in the multiple marketing efforts made to get it sold. Through your listing agent’s efforts, your home will be made visible on heavy traffic sites and search engines as well as listed in the local MLS, creating visibility for buyer agents.

Strong Home Selling Fundamentals

Our methods are tried and true and our 2 Percent participating agents must meet stringent criteria and specific qualifications in the selection process. We continuously strive to improve our programs and our Realtor network by placing strong emphasis on six essential elements:

  • Strategic pricing
  • Cost-effective staging
  • Customized marketing plans
  • Superior lead management
  • Honed contract negotiations
  • Meticulous closing procedures

Who Runs This Show?

We’re Jim, Cheryl, Jim, and Laura. We’re a family of recovering-traditional real estate agents. We live in and around Philadelphia, PA., and are constantly building our network of 2% participating agents across the country and even Canada.