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What Americans Have Spent So Far This Year In Commissions:

Seller Discounts

The 2 Percent Commission (2PC) Seller Program offers flexibility for home sellers seeking both the full benefits of a great Realtor’s services and the opportunity to pay as little as 2% total commission when the seller procures the buyer. It’s designed to help you and your 2PC participating agent combine and maximize marketing efforts (and your home’s exposure) to best support you in your efforts to sell your home.

When participating in our 2PC Seller Program, you will have the opportunity to sell your home and still receive the benefits of your Realtor’s efforts from managing leads to contract negotiating and closing services.

How It Works

The 2PC Seller Program offers you a unique opportunity to enjoy all of the benefits of full service agents while maintaining the option to pay as little as 2% real estate commission when you procure the buyer yourself!

You and Your 2Percent Agent’s Efforts

  • If you as the seller procure the buyer, you only pay a total 2% commission.
  • To help you procure a buyer, we ask you to follow our marketing guidelines to maximize your chances of finding buyers and saving on the commission.
  • All buyer leads you generate will be managed and followed up on by your agent as part of the program without additional fee.

The Other Agents’ Efforts

  • Your property will be listed in your local MLS, the traditional database used by real estate agents. As most homebuyers are represented by buyer agents, an MLS listing maximizes your home’s exposure.
  • If you decide to accept an offer brought by an outside buyer agent (or your listing agent), you are choosing to pay the full commission as agreed upon in your listing agreement.

Full Service for 2%

  • Lead Management – Your agent will manage and work the leads you generate through do-it-yourself marketing methods and the open houses you host
  • Traditional marketing – You enjoy the benefits of full real estate agent marketing services and resources
  • Contract Negotiations – Your agent will present you with all offers, discuss your options, make recommendations, and changes necessary for any counter-offers, as well as review with you contractual details
  • Closing services – Disclosures, counter-offers, and the miscellaneous services are also included in this program

How The Fee Schedule Works

Seller Program participants pay only 2% at closing when they procure the buyer or they pay the percentage agreed upon in the listing agreement when a Realtor procures the buyer.

For more information, click on one of the topics below, give us a call toll-free at (610) 506-0802 or get started here.

Getting to 2%

Procuring the Buyer

Your marketing ability can be used in a unique way to help get your home the most exposure. Even when a home is listed with an agent, it is not uncommon for a homeowner to find the buyer. While the typical real estate listing contract does not allow for the seller to receive a discount if they find the buyer themselves, the 2PC marketing program is unique in that the seller pays only 2% when they procure the buyer through their own efforts.

Your 2PC agent will support you with following up on buyer leads, contacting buyers who have come through your open houses, help buyers to connect with lenders, explain to the buyers the process of purchasing your home required from writing an offer to attending closing on settlement day. Approximately 32% of the buyers today are first time home buyers. These buyers require more assistance than seasoned home buyers. Regardless of whether or not the agent or the seller procures the buyer, your agent will assist the homebuyer with support throughout the home buying process.

The seller is entitled to pay only 2% commission as long as the buyer does not already have a written binding buyer agent agreement with a real estate agent and the seller is the procuring cause for the transaction taking place. If any licensed real estate agent accompanies the buyer on the first visit or has a written buyer agency agreement with the buyer then the seller will not be considered the procuring cause for this program.

When homeowners decide to sell their home, they have a host of options from hiring a traditional agent to selling their home themselves.

Why Sellers Choose Us

The Best of Both Worlds

2PC provides sellers the opportunity for complete traditional real estate agent services and support, and the option to save up to 67% when they find the buyer. And when you procure the buyer, you still enjoy all of the benefits of your Realtor’s services and expertise by managing your buyer leads and negotiations through to closing. So no matter who procures the buyer you receive full service agent support:

By redefining the incentive structure for sellers, buyers, and real estate agents, our program helps maximize your property’s exposure, capitalize on your 2PC partner’s services and skills, and still have the opportunity to save up to 67% of the commission.

More Home Exposure

2PC Seller Programs are designed so that your home may sell through your own efforts, your listing agent’s efforts, or other buyer agents. Whether it’s getting foot traffic through open houses or enlisting the support of friends and neighbors, the seller cooperates in the multiple marketing efforts made to get your home sold. Through your listing agent’s efforts, your home will be made visible on heavy traffic sites and search engines as well as listed in the local MLS, creating visibility for buyer agents.

Strong Home Selling Fundamentals

Our methods are tried and true and our 2 Percent participating agents must meet stringent criteria and specific qualifications in the selection process. We continuously strive to improve our programs and our Realtor network by placing strong emphasis on what matters.

Who Runs This Show?

We’re Jim, Cheryl, Jim, and Laura. We’re a family of recovering-traditional real estate agents. We live in and around Philadelphia, PA., and are constantly building our network of 2% participating agents across the country and even Canada.