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What Americans Have Spent So Far This Year In Commissions:

How 2 Percent Rebates Work

The Buyer Program Structure

We have three options to save buyers money through rebates[*] depending on their level of motivation and preference. Proactive, serious, and motivated buyers can save a significant amount of money using our program with our 2PercentCommission select agents.

      • Close within 30 days to receive a 33% rebate back from your exclusive buyer agent’s commission
      • Close within 60 days to receive a 25% rebate back from your exclusive buyer agent’s commission
      • Close within 90 days to receive a 15% rebate from the commission earned by your exclusive buyer agent

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The Breakdown

The way you can calculate the savings you could have by using 2PercentCommission’s buyer rebate program is simple:

Sale’s Price x Buyer Commission x Rebate Amount

For example, if you buy a house within 30 days of signing an exclusive buyer agreement with one of our participating agents for $300,000 with a 3% commission to the buyer agent, you would save $2,970 simply by accessing our buyer rebate program.

For more information, click on one of the topics below, give us a call toll-free at (866) 642-1145 or get started here.


*Rebates for buyers are not available in all fifty states. To determine if you qualify, please email us at

**An exclusive buyer agent is the real estate agent you sign an agreement to work with exclusively. This written agreement is often referred to as a buyer agency agreement.

Who Runs This Show?

We’re Jim, Cheryl, Jim, and Laura. We’re a family of recovering-traditional real estate agents. We live in and around Philadelphia, PA., and are constantly building our network of 2% participating agents across the country and even Canada.