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What Americans Have Spent So Far This Year In Commissions:

Buyer Rebates

We’re all about pay-for-performance so we’ve designed our buyer rebate program to be optimally structured for you and your agent. The faster the closing, the fatter the rebate. We do this because we know that some home buyers know what they’re looking for, are proactive in the process, and ready (as well as able) to buy a home. And some, well, aren’t…

We’ve found that no solid full service agent is going to be willing to give you up to 50% of their fee if you aren’t a serious buyer, meaning you know what you’re looking for and you can close as soon as you find it. So if you don’t know when you want to be in your next home, what areas you’re considering, or even how much you can afford, well this program might not be for you just yet. If that is the case, you can still feel free to contact us and we’ll send you some resources to help get you started. And when you are ready, you’ll know where to find us.

The 2PC Buyer Rebates Solution

We’ve created a rebate program where quality buyers and quality agents access their respective strengths and abilities to work together and maximize your home buying potential. So the commission is earned by an agent or saved by you based on performance, so you only pay for services rendered.

Home Buyers receive a rebate (in applicable states) when they close on a home in a reasonable amount of time with one of our participating agents. What we offer the more motivated home buyer is money back in proportion to their efforts. The faster the closing, the bigger the rebate. Specifically, we offer different size rebates based upon how quickly buyers settle on a home from the date they sign a written buyer agency agreement* with one of our participating agents.

Why is the size of the rebate dependent upon how quickly a buyer closes on a new home?

For one, we believe the most simple and accurate way to measure buyer participation is by performance in demonstrating preparedness. Not all agents are created equal. Realtors perform based on their ability to access their strengths and the incentive of a commission structure. We believe the same is true for buyers.

Maybe more importantly, we have learned that your best chance at finding your dream home, at a price you can afford, with favorable contract terms, is dependent on how prepared you are, how well you know your target market, and your buying power upfront. Too many offers are rejected and too many contracts fall through because buyers aren’t prepared. Our program is designed to avoid those risks.

Put simply, our goal is to connect buyers and agents that deserve each other.

On the agent end, our participating Realtors are screened based on performance quality indicators such as sales record, past client satisfaction, professional recommendations, or other more proprietary factors measured in our agent interviews. On the buyer end, we look for prospects that are willing to get pre-qualified for a mortgage, have an accurate understanding of their purchasing power, do the research online to find homes they would like to be shown, and communicate their needs to a 2PC agent so they can provide the best service possible and focus on what they do best.

*An exclusive buyer agent is the real estate agent you sign an agreement to work with exclusively. This written agreement is often referred to as a buyer agency agreement.

Today’s Buyer

Our Rebate Program is Designed for Today’s Buyers

Our 2PC Rebate Program has been so successful because it’s designed for the smarter, more capable and resourceful, my-time-is-valuable, you. The residential real estate market has been constantly evolving to keep up with today’s pace. Over ten years ago, we decided the internet revolution warranted a drastic change in the agent-client relationship. The immediate resources necessary for buyers to start the process finding the perfect home have been available with the click of a button for a long time now.  And the Do-It-Yourself spirit is what makes the 2PC Buyer Rebate Program work.

We want to highlight some of the developments in the new home purchasing environment we’re talking about:

  • Google, Yahoo, and the National Association of Realtors (NAR) have built out Real Estate Search Engines containing detailed information on homes for sale for public listings by Realtors from local Multiple Listing Services
  • The Zillow’s and Trulia’s create Housing Data Network Platforms making “public” tax and home data information freely available in organized and searchable interfaces
  • Some For Sale By Owner Services Companies increase their online marketing reach by launching their own search-based online marketing programs at flat fee rates (offering a competitive alternative to paying a real estate agent’s commission)
  • Real estate, mortgage, and related industry professionals blog about it, providing buyers with information relevant to purchasing decisions (information you used to have to depend on your real estate agent to give you)

The result? Today’s Realtor

Real estate agencies and their agents are spending more and more time, money, and resources competing for your attention online. And for many agents, this shift in focus is somewhat of a trade-off. Something simply has to give and we see it happening in a number of ways: no-service flat-fee MLS listings, semi-automated contract services, less open houses, discount-commission discount-service agreements and we believe, an average agent’s inability to adapt and specialize to create an even better agent-client relationship.

2PC Agents: Tomorrow’s Realtor

An agent’s power is in their ability to help you navigate the process of buying a home by avoiding potentially damaging pitfalls or decisions, negotiating the best price and most advantageous contracts possible for the home you want, and protecting your interests in ways you might not be able to. We find forward-looking agents that are excited about the positive changes happening in the industry and the opportunity to work with buyers that feel the same way. If you’d like to learn more:

The Buyer Program Structure

How 2 Percent Rebates Work

We have three options to save buyers money through rebates[*] depending on their level of motivation and preference. Proactive, serious, and motivated buyers can save a significant amount of money using our program with our 2PC select agents.

      • Close within 30 days to receive a 33% rebate back from your exclusive buyer agent’s commission
      • Close within 60 days to receive a 25% rebate back from your exclusive buyer agent’s commission
      • Close within 90 days to receive a 15% rebate from the commission earned by your exclusive buyer agent

The Breakdown

The way you can calculate the savings you could have by using 2PC’s buyer rebate program is simple:

Sale’s Price x Buyer Commission x Rebate Amount

For example, if you buy a house within 30 days of signing an exclusive buyer agreement with one of our participating agents for $300,000 with a 3% commission to the buyer agent, you would save $2,970 simply by accessing our buyer rebate program.

*Rebates for buyers are not available in all fifty states.

**An exclusive buyer agent is the real estate agent you sign an agreement to work with exclusively. This written agreement is often referred to as a buyer agency agreement.

Who Runs This Show?

We’re Jim, Cheryl, Jim, and Laura. We’re a family of recovering-traditional real estate agents. We live in and around Philadelphia, PA., and are constantly building our network of 2% participating agents across the country and even Canada.