Designed for Optimal Results

Our buyer and seller programs work because they're designed to incentivize you and your agent according to your abilities.

What You Net Is What Matters

If you bring a buyer willing to pay more than a buyer brought by an agent, we think that's great. And your agent will still help you through the process.

We Help You Maximize Exposure

We are the first and only program that combines the efforts of a full service Realtor and give you the right to find a buyer.

We’re all about flexibility

For Sale By Owner or full service agent? How about the best of both? Not sure when you want to buy? We'll still do our best to you get a rebate.

We're fighting the war on undeserved commissions

  • Close in 30 Days

    33% REBATE
    • Mortgage Pre-approval
    • Buyer Agency Agreement
    • Up to 5 Showings
    • Cash rebate given at closing
  • Close in 60 Days

    25% REBATE
    • Mortgage Pre-approval
    • Buyer Agency Agreement
    • Up to 10 Showings
    • Cash rebate given at closing
  • Close in 90 Days

    15% REBATE
    • Mortgage Pre-approval
    • Buyer Agency Agreement
    • Up to 15 Showings
    • Cash rebate given at closing


Do you know what happens when a traditional Realtor® lists your home? You surrender up front to a 6% commission no matter what your home sells for. This is one of the biggest financial decisions most people make in their lives and you have to trust that your Realtor® is going to perform. Scary. So we designed our seller program to help you and your participating agent combine and maximize marketing efforts and home exposure to best support you as you sell your home and give you a contingency plan.

Full Service Realtor® or For Sale By Owner?

How about the best of both? Here's how it works:

Your Agent...


Helps Valuate Your Home

Your agent will compile a list of all recently sold and listed properties in your area similar to your home so you can make an informed decision about price.

Tell Your Networks

The average person has over 600 direct ties and thousands of second degree ties. And social media makes it easier than ever to get the word out.

Lists Home in MLS

Like any traditional Realtor, we list your home in the MLS so buyer agents can find it, and it will be aggregated to dozens of websites.

Tell Your Neighbors

We'll show you how to send "Just Listed" postcards to 500 of your neighbors nearby for $150. Yeah, we know. Only $150 to inform 500 households means we're helping you at cost.

Markets Your Home

We know not all agents are created equal. That's why we hand-pick and screen our agents for marketing best practices on and offline.

Hold Open Houses

We ask you to hold two open houses a month on weekends using our sign in sheet for prospective buyers that come through. That way we can better track buyers you (and not your agent) find.

Manages Leads

Your agent will manage both your and his/her leads. That way you have a professional with strong negotiating experience and lead management skills working for you.

List Your Home Online

We give you training materials so you can post your home's listing online on sites like craigslist if you like. Just keep in mind the listing price has to match the MLS price.

Helps with Negotiations

Putting and holding together a purchase agreement isn't easy. We know that te majority of For Sale By Owner deals fall through. That's why we only use agents with years of experience.

Consider All Offers

Because what you net is what matters, you'll be able to consider all offers no matter the source and choose the best deal for selling your home.

Accept an Offer from a Buyer Found by an Agent

We don't ask you to "gamble" on the idea that an agent will bring offers 6% or more above what you could get without a Realtor like traditional agents do.

Accept an Offer from a Buyer YOU Found

Our program for sellers works. And we want you to be successful, have options, and when it makes sense for you, to pay only 2%.