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What Americans Have Spent So Far This Year In Commissions:


(Home Sellers and Buyers)

We're revolutionizing the way people buy and sell homes. Pay only for services actually rendered by an agent... and save thousands.

Learn How to
Save Thousands

The "Traditional" Agents

How They Getcha

With these old school agents, no matter what, you surrender upfront to a rigid commission percentage. Maybe the biggest financial decision you’ll ever make and you have to trust that your Realtor® is going to perform and earn the chunk of equity they take. Scary... So we changed the game because, well, we're in the business of not being scary.

  • I'm
    A Home
  • I'm
    A Home

Full Service Realtor Or
For Sale By Owner

get the best of both

3 Words: Get. Cash. Back.

Welcome to buyer rebates optimally structured for you, the buyer. The faster the closing, the fatter the rebate. You commit to working with one of our wonderful agents, do some of the legwork online to figure out what homes you want to see (which you’re already doing anyway) and we give you a rebate. Use us when you’re actually ready and able to buy a home, then you can save big.

Rebates How Big?You Choose.

Percentage of Commission Saved:

4 Steps to Save Thousands In Commissions
(As A Buyer)

  1. Sign a buyer agency agreement.
  2. Get a mortgage pre-approval.
  3. Find a home and close in 30, 60, or 90 days.
  4. Get a fat rebate at the closing table.

Want Money Back
At Closing?

get your rebate

3 Words: Fee. For. Service

We made a smarter way to sell your home. It’s everything you ever wanted in a top agent in your market, with a contingency plan. Only pay for what you get, you and your participating agent combine and maximize marketing efforts and home exposure to best support you in the home selling process.

Why Call Us?2 Reasons

Home Exposure

We are the first and only program that combines the efforts of a full service Realtor AND lets you keep the ability to find your own buyer (as if you were a For Sale By Owner) and save when you do.

More Money

If you find* the buyer, you’ll save 66% on the agent fee and they will still walk you through the process, negotiate like a champ, and dot all the i’s. *Read the fine print about procuring cause here.

4 Steps to Only Pay 2% Commission
(As A Seller)

  1. Call us and get matched with a top agent in your market participating in our revolutionary program. If we don’t have one for you, we’ll go out and find ‘em.
  2. Your new agent markets your home with gusto: MLS, sign, pushes it out to networks, emails, all that stuff.
  3. You find the buyer: a friend, neighbor, coworker, FSBO ad in the paper, whatever.
  4. Your agent handles EVERYTHING: negotiations, closing stuff, and you only pay 2% commission total.

Who Runs This Show?

We’re Jim, Cheryl, Jim, and Laura. We’re a family of recovering-traditional real estate agents. We live in and around Philadelphia, PA., and are constantly building our network of 2% participating agents across the country and even Canada.